A Smarter way to monitor and secure your child’s devices

Yay, It’s Free to Try! will help you keep a close vigil over your child’s activities, most importantly, the apps they use. You can watch the usage pattern and the odd time they love spending there (in the virtual world). Of course, it makes no sense and Viola! You get the reins back in your hands with a click.

Why Super parent?



You can sort your parental issues regarding your child’s onscreen time in a jiffy, with this feature.


This feature will help you to draw the Lakshman Rekha for the Territories of the SmartPhone that the young impressionable is not to venture.


The reward section is to encourage your child to be disciplined, use the time appropriately and get rewarded simultaneously with bonus time.


Use the learn feature to schedule your child’s study hours and to monitor if the purpose of e-learning is achieved or not.


Here’s how to Get started


Start by downloading the super parent app onto your own device (Android or IOS).


Once the super parent app setup is done. We provide you the unique parent code for your registered device.

Connect Child Device

Your child needs to be downloaded the ‘super child’ app on their phone and enter your ‘’7 digit code’’ to connect the device.

All Set

Once the accounts are connected, use super parent and supervise your child device securely.

Monitor all time

Check your Child’s app activity

This feature allows you to track your child’s app usage activity under respective categories. You will be able to know the details of what your child does and for how long when you are not able to monitor him. This, in turn, will help you to know, the usage of which app needs to be managed.

Manage the app

Manage the app they use

Don’t we skim the milk or pasteurize it before giving it to the child? So should it be with the gadgets? Not to mention, parents already have a taste of the abuse of gadgets. Therefore, in a technologically developed world, they know what is best for the children and their future. If you’re assuming that the new application (such as Blue Whale, etc.) which your child is about to install, poses a threat, use this feature to decline installation of such apps.

Lock their device

Lock their Devices

Situations might arise when your child is glued to the phone and constantly keeps on postponing or refusing work assigned to him. This feature helps you to lock their devices. The control would be in your hands, without being rude or harsh to them. We vouch to assist you in your daily life sans tantrums and theatrics.


Schedule their apps to access particular time

Children tend to go with the flow when left unchecked. If you suddenly attempt to stop them from doing something that you do not want them to, you get tagged as the ‘bad parent’. Therefore, try the process of limiting. Limit the usage of certain addictive apps (like social media apps) by fixing a particular time for using them. No harm gets done that way.

Lock their APPS

Lock their apps to deny the access

It’s said that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. So, forbidding the child verbally, won’t play the trick. Hence, the restrict option where you can block their sneaky-peaky intrusions on SmartPhone that are not meant for them. If you discover that your child is using an app that he/she should not, you can lock those apps to restrict access.


Schedule their timings to access mobile

Excessive usage of cell phones can strain a child’s eyes and cause various undesirable effects of their health. With the exponential growth in the use of cell phones, laptops and computers, red flags have been raised against the effects of it on the “values” of a growing child. Apart from the degradation of moral values, Asthenopia (eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome), Myopia (short-sightedness), strabismus, blue light effects (can directly damage the retina), sleep cycle deregulation are some of the hazards of screen time. Other health hazards include irritability, loss of appetite and recurrent headaches. The ongoing pandemic has drastically increased the screen time and that is the reason parents are frantically searching for a solution to control unnecessary usage of gadgets Allotment of fixed time slots for your kid to access the mobile, can prevent this from happening.


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